The New iRose Server for Grace ROSE Online. Admin: Raskae Head GM: Requiem

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    ~*~ Birth To The Forums ~*~

    Post  Requiem on Sun May 24, 2009 12:38 pm

    May 24th, 2009
    Today we have Opened the Forums to the Public for members of Grace Rose to Join the iRose Project. We havent Released the iRose project Yet, but the forums so far are for people that would like to Chat to others about the future of the iRose Server.

    I Will Post the Date that we will be releasing the iRose Project once we know when that date is.
    The iRose so far is a For sure idea.

    Regarding the GM Team, I Will Open the Application Box for People looking forward to Applying.
    People with Experience with an iRose server will be looked at, if not, your Application will be removed. UNLESS we Like what we see in the rest of it.
    Our GM Team For the Future will be Posted in the Announcements once we Release the iRose Project, Unless we can choose the team before that happens.
    iRose Project Admin: Raskae
    iRose Project Head GM: Requiem

    We Have Added a Flamers Corner for People to Flame all they Want, Without Filling the General Discussion. We Will be adding Rules to it, Flames before that can start, and the Rules will Apply, if The Flame breaks any of the Rules, it will be removed from the Forums.
    We Will Not add the Rule that you can NOT Flame Staff Members, because i know alot of people wont like the GM Team, We would like to hear what they dont like because the Flamers Corner can help the Admins and Head GM to change things around and if it leads to this in the end.. We Might even Hold a Vote over the Population of FORTUNE iROSE ONLY. To have that GM Removed.
    Only Certain members of the Forums will be able to Vote, and we will tell you if your Elligable to Vote. If Your Not Elligable then you cannot Vote against or For the GM.
    People Who Cant Vote:
    1. New Members of less then a Week Can Not Vote.
    2. Members Who Have been Banned Less then a Month Before Vote.
    3. Banned Members.
    4. GM Team.
    5. Developers.

    To Be Added:
    1. MarketPlace.
    2. Application Section.
    3. Clan Section.
    4. Technical Problems / Bugs Section.

    Thank You.
    - Head GM Requiem

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