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    Hey, Im Callum


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    Hey, Im Callum

    Post  xCallum on Sun May 24, 2009 8:57 pm

    Hello, I Am Callum.
    I Started here Today, and i like what i see so far on the Forums. There might only be a few of us here for now, but i have so far helped everyone here, and i hope to help you all in the future aswell.
    I Have been Given the Spot as Forum Moderator, To make sure that the Forums stay clean, and the Members follow the Rules that We will be Adding sooner or Later.
    I Am here to help people with any Questions that they have, Or anything that they want to know.

    Name: Callum
    Age: 16
    Location: Canada
    Gender: Male.

    I am a Close friend in Real Life with [GM]Requiem, I Did not gain the Spot as Forum Moderator that way, I Gained it a Fair way.

    And to make sure it stays Even.
    I am NOT Running for GM. I Wish to stay a player, work my way up Myself in the Rankings. To do whatever I Can to Train and get my Items. And to become a Trusted Artisan and Cleric, and a Knight, Scout, Everything, By myself.

    I Will become the Clan Master of WindSong here in Fortune, So if you wish to Join my clan, i have Posted a Recruitment Thread here on the forums.

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