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    Raider Guide


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    Raider Guide

    Post  phil00 on Sun May 24, 2009 10:34 pm

    Here is a guide i got from ruff-rose i hope it could help some of you guys.

    Table of contents:
    1. Basic introduction of raiders
    2. Stats.
    3. Basic status build for levels 50, 70, 90, 110 and 130
    4. Skills
    5. Leveling
    6. Equipment
    7. FAQ
    8. Etc
    9. Credits
    10. Updates

    1. Basic introduction of Raiders

    Raider is 2nd job choice of a hawker. This guide doesnt cover the another 2nd job of hawker, the scout. Raiders are close-combat specialists that mostly rely on their dodge to evade attacks. Raiders could be classified into two main groups, katar raiders and dual raiders. Classification is needed, because being hybrid between both weapon makes you weak, so its important to choose either one.
    Katar raiders rely on attack speed and dodge, but their hp and defence are low. Also their attack power isnt really high, but its atleast decent. Katar raiders divide into two basic builds, damage and dodge builds. Basically damage build katar raider is weak when soloing, but strong when partying because they gave up some dodge to get more damage. Dodge build has alot of dodge, but thats quite much it. If they get hit, they get hit hard. Also their hp is low and damage isnt too great either. Dodge build has it own pros and cons, but in my opinion that build isnt really good.
    Dual raiders are different from katar, and like in real life, they are only used by elite few. They have slow attack speed and they cant really dodge things, but dual raiders have medium defence and often good hp, so they can take hit. There is only one proper way to build a dual raider, and that is damage build. No expections. Dual raiders need less con than katar raiders, because dual raiders basically spam skills to make up for their slow attack speed. Dual raiders need party all the time, they arent for solo players!

    2. Stats:

    What stats to pick and what not? Some trivia included.

    Katar raider (Damage):
    str: Adds damage, defence and hp. You'll need this!
    con: One of most discussed stats. Adds hitrate.
    dex: Adds dodge, movement speed and damage.
    sen: Adds critical rate. Could be useful.
    int: waste of points.
    charm: useless

    Katar raider (Dodge):
    str: Adds damage, defence and hp. Dont bother with this.
    con: One of most discussed stats. Adds hitrate.
    dex: Adds dodge, movement speed and damage. Your main stat, pump it!
    sen: Adds critical rate.
    int: waste of points.
    charm: useless

    Dual raiders:
    str: Adds defence, hp and alot of damage. Str is as important as dex!
    con: Adds hitrate, you dont need it as much as katar raider.
    dex: Adds dodge, movement speed and damage. Dex is as important as str!
    sen: Not really useful, since only skill that benefits from sen is triple attack.
    int: not completely useless but still dont pump it.

    3. Basic status build for levels 50, 70, 90, 110 and 130

    Form for charts is Level:Dex:Str:Con:Sen, that just means on what level and with what build you should have that much of each status. And no, its not a ratio, i couldnt invent one that requires less space in short time so thats my system now.

    Dual raider status chart:






    That is quite much how i built my own Dual raider, Str and Dex should go hand to hand for maximum damage. Con is needed in order to hit everything, since you hit slowly misses arent tolerated! This is build is better in pvp than pvm due to high con (you can easily hit scouts with skills).

    Katar (dodge) raider status chart:






    I'd never build my raider with this kind of stats, but some people do. They are only after dodge, so they they are almost purely dex builds. This build still needs con to hit, so its not much, but enough to hit quite much everything with buffs. This build is most common among scouts, but it works with raider too (its different how well it works...)

    Katar (damage) raider status chart:






    Now this is how i'd build my katar raider. Damage is nice, you do mostly high damage to monsters. You got good dodge and its backed up by quite nice hp and defence. Also you wont miss because you have decent con, and you get good amount of criticals due to high sen. Only real con in this build is the fact that it cant dodge pink monsters like dodge build can.

    Damage ratios:
    this is where damage comes from, thanks to Raider for information.
    Katar: 60% dex 40% str
    Duals: 50% dex 40% str

    4. Skills:
    Notice that this guide doesnt have any bow skills or relax, because they are useless for raiders. To clear possible confusement about my style of writing the skill tree, i'll explain it a bit. Battle mastery and Combat mastery are basic skills, that dont need any other skill in order to learn. Most skills have one or two * marks before them, which just means you need to learn one or two skills before getting them (like to attain power burst, you need to learn battle mastery and power attack to some level first). Only flame hawk requires 3 skills to learn (Combat mastery, Hawker Spirit and Spirit heart).

    Skill tree:

    Battle mastery
    *Power attack
    **Power burst
    *Double slash/hit
    **Triple slash/hit (double slash/hit level 11+)
    *Screw attack
    **Prime hit

    Combat mastery
    *Hawker spirit
    **Spirit heart
    ***Flame hawk
    **Spiral kick
    *Mana blood
    **Poison knife
    **Magic knife
    **Red cloud

    Explanations for skills:

    Battle mastery - Passive skill
    Pros: adds attack power
    Cons: none? ^^
    Suggestion: Max it!

    Power attack - Basic attack
    Pros: cheap to get, fast cooldown
    Cons: sucks hard, weak and slow
    Suggestion: Dont get this one

    Power burst - Stronger version of power attack
    Pros: cheap to get, fast cooldown
    Cons: sucks compared to other raider skills
    Suggestion: dont get this one

    Double hit - Two hits in one
    Pros: cheap to get, fast cooldown, quite strong
    Cons: weak when compared screw attack
    Suggestion: Max this one for future

    Triple hit - Three hits in one
    Pros: strongest skill ingame with critical buff, fast cooldown, stun at levels 19 and 20, low mp cost
    Cons: not very strong unbuffed
    Suggestion: Max it! It'll be your best skill at later levels!

    Screw attack - Basic attack
    Pros: most powerful of the basic attacks, defence down status effect
    Cons: expensive to get, high mp cost, quite long cooldown.
    Suggestion: Get it! Its good basic skill.

    Prime hit - Stronger version of screw attack
    Pros: highest 1vs1 non-magic attack power (440 on level 10)
    Cons: high mp cost, no status effects, VERY expensive to max, weak compared to triple when fully buffed, long cooldown
    Suggestion: Max it eventually or instantly depending on your build

    Combat mastery - Passive skill
    Pros: adds attack speed
    Cons: none? ^^
    Suggestion: Max it!

    Hawker spirit - Selfbuff
    Pros: adds hitrate temporarily, cheap to max, nice addition to hitrate when soloing
    Cons: doesnt work together with muse's hitrate buff.
    Suggestion: If you solo alot, then max it. Otherwise dont bother.

    Spirit heart - Ranged magic attack
    Pros: ranged attack, decent damage, has status effect (lowers opponents attack speed)
    Cons: weak at high levels.
    Suggestion: dont get it, it sucks.

    Flame hawk - Ranged magic attack
    Pros: ranged attack, very high damage.
    Cons: expensive to get, no status effects.
    Suggestion: get it at high level (120+) but not really before, you have better skills to get and this isnt so useful.

    Sprint - Selfbuff
    Pros: adds movement speed temporarily, quite cheap to get.
    Cons: useless if you have cleric/support muse in party.
    Suggestion: get if you dont want to buy a cart or solo alot (otherwise its just useless skill).

    Spiral kick - Magical area attack
    Pros: you could hit even million monsters with this same time, since it isnt single target, but area of effect.
    Cons: weak at 70+ levels, small range.
    Suggestion: dont get this one

    Mana blood - Status magic
    Pros: turns hp to mp quite fast.
    Cons: it sucks, you can just use mp pots to regain mana.
    Suggestion: get it even if it sucks, since you'll need it to get other good skills.

    Stealth - Status magic
    Pros: Invisibility owns in pvp.
    Cons: expensive and useless to level, long cooldown.
    Suggestion: get this around level 100 if you want to pvp badly.

    Poison knife - Ranged magic attack
    Pros: decent magic damage, poison status effect does big damage over time.
    Cons: poison eats exp you get from monsters.
    Suggestion: get this one! its strong skill and very useful in pvp and even when hunting monsters.

    Magic knife - Ranged magic attack
    Pros: decent magic damage, lowers magic defence so it boosts damage of all magic based attacks.
    Cons: weak alone
    Suggestion: get after or before poison knife, they are good combo.

    Red cloud - Magical area attack
    Pros: decent magic damage, good range, has dodge lowering status effect, good in pvp against scouts and dex-clerics.
    Cons: expensive to get, long cooldown.
    Suggestion: get this at 120'ish

    Most people ask what skill to get for level 70, since you cant really get many **-marked skills for level 70. There is no absolute answer for this either, but for level 70 skills with following builds should aim to get these skills:

    Dodge katar raider: Prime hit
    Only because dodge build doesnt have sen to boost triple hit's damage. Also katar raiders never spam skills, so skill with high cooldown and power would be best choice.
    Damage katar raider: Triple slash/hit (or prime hit)
    Because critical rate pumps the damage of triple hit up, its very good for ones who have high sen (the ones who used my guide to build damage katar raider). Prime hit would be another choice so you could use katars high attack speed in their full potential, but personally i'd go for triple due to higher damage and stun.
    Dual raider: Triple slash/hit
    You wont have much sen at these levels, so why bother? Because you need some skill that has fast cooldown! Dual wielders spam skills like there is no tomorrow, so they'll need a skill with fast cooldown like triple hit.

    5. Leveling

    I always bring this up, even though almost no one ever believes it.. Partying is faster exp than soloing! Party alot, better and easier exp that way. Expecially dual raiders need party or they'll be crushed by monsters. Only dodge raider is good when soloing, but i'd party even with that type of raider with atleast cleric. Generally you should hunt yellow monsters, because they cant really hit damage or dodge katar raiders. Dual raiders will get hit anyway, so they can hunt red monsters thanks to their higher defence (but thats not suggestable without party).
    Hunting areas are commonly known, but i'll still add information concerning questions like "at what level should i train where?"

    Place - Suggested training levels
    1-8 Adventure plains
    9-15 Valley of luxem tower
    15-19 City of Zant
    17-26 Hill of wind
    24-34 El verloon desert
    30-40 Lake of anima
    40-55 Forest of wisdom
    56-70 Beach of genzi
    68-80 Gorge of silence
    70-85 City of Eucar (slags)
    80-95 Goblin cave 3
    80-95 Mana snowfields
    90-105 Arumic valley
    100-120 Crystal snowfields
    115-125 Freezing plateau, elder mammoths
    115-130 Temple 3 (for money)
    125-140 Freezing plateau, behemoth kings
    130+ Eldeon

    You can also kill monsters at clan fields
    Junon clanfield is for levels 50-100, not good place to level unless you can solo yellow or red guardians.
    Lunar clanfield is for levels 130-155, exp sucks but people are there mostly for astarot wings and refines that tirwins drop.

    Info from adventure plains to Gorge of silence from

    6. Equipment

    Craft good equipment with high dodge and/or good stats. Many artisans are willing to craft for free and but not many are willing to craft you 300 pairs of boots, so you better know more than just one artisan. x/15 or 7/7 is a must have stat for dual raider. Dual raider doesnt need very high dodge to his gear, more like defence, since dodging is totally overrated in pvp (pvm its different, but there you have dodge buffs and so). Damage katar build needs nice stats AND good dodge. Dodge build would mostly go for high dr gear to boost already high dodge to another level.
    Refining your gear is very important. Refining adds defence, durability, magic defence and dodge rate to armors, shields, hats, gloves, boots and wings/backshields. It adds hitrate, attack power and durability to weapons. Hitrate and dodge rate adds are random and they vary from refine level to another. There are 9 refine levels, ex. you can have legend mariner chest (4) so its 4th refine level.

    Useful droplist for raider:
    Monster - Drop

    Jewel golem - garnet grade 1
    Most bosses in junon planet - uniques and garnets
    Wintermaul leader - garnet grade 1
    Mammoth - garnet grade 1
    Dreadnaughts - peridot grade 1
    Tyrants - uniques
    Behemoth King - grand fenrir tooth (level 125 katar, one of the best katars in game), firangi-firangi, grand brilliant dual wield
    Sikuku - glorious dual wield
    Astarot King - astarot wings
    King Hook & Pincer Queen - garnet grade 3, bloody hook and hawk knuckles
    Sikuku Psychic & Sikuku Elemental - raven knuckle (level 155 knuckle), demise dual wield

    7. FAQ

    Question: When should i start saving skillpoints for 2nd job?
    Answer: Around level 50, when you have maxed skills of your liking (Double and/or Screw attack + Hawker spirit, sprint, etc...)

    Question: Does dex add attack speed?
    Answer: No, it adds in EVO rose but not in this version of ruff-rose.

    Question: Is raider good in pvp?
    Answer: Yes, raiders are one of the best pvp classes.

    Question: What classes raiders own in pvp? and what own raiders?
    Answer: Raider can win quite much every class in pvp, only mages and scouts from same level are very hard to win.

    i'll write more when i get good questions

    8. Etc.

    -use garnets
    -dont pump charm or int
    -dual raiders arent too good in pvm, since their skills tend to hit max damage with every skill
    -go outside once for a while
    -red crystals are used to craft garnets
    -sharp iron pieces are used to craft pirate gear (level 70)
    -crystal stones are used to craft mariner gear (level 88)
    -earth stones are used to craft jaguar gear (level 104)
    -fire and wind stones are used to craft wild hawker gear (level 120)

    1st Job quest of hawker

    Talk to Warren, he'll send you to another guy named Shannon at valley of luxem tower.
    He asks you to hunt mother choropies, jelly kings and spotted choropies for crystal dews at adventure plains.
    When you have 20 crystal dews in your Quest menu (alt+q) head back to Shannon.
    After talking with Shannon, head back to Warren. Quest is done! ^__^

    2nd Job quest of raider

    Talk to the mayor of junon polis, Darren.
    He'll send you to Saki, armor seller, who has a quest for you.
    Go hunt Crawfi kings til you have 2 quest items. (Camping at one spawn with a bow and wearing gorgeous ring, necklace and earring help alot)
    After getting 2 quest items head back to Saki.
    He'll send you to historian Jones, who has another quest for you.
    Hunt Goblin warriors for 5 lost journals. When you get them all head back to Jones. (gorgeous gear helps alot again)
    Jones will send you to Zant just so you can get another quest from tavern owner, Sharlin.
    She'll ask you to hunt stone golems for feather of phoenix. After you get it head back to zant, talk to her and receive recommendation.
    Now go back to junon polis to talk to Darren again.
    He'll charge you 200k for changing your job to raider.

    Credits go to Juki from Ruff-Rose for the guide.


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    Re: Raider Guide

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    Nice Guide you Have here.
    It Will Help Alot of people.

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    Re: Raider Guide

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    Haha^^... no problem


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    Re: Raider Guide

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    Im Kinda New to the whole Being a Forum Admin and all, So once i figure out how to Pinn this. It will be Pinned. ^_^

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    Re: Raider Guide

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    Wow! Thx...


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    Re: Raider Guide

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    No Problem ^_^
    If we find any Better Guides, They will be pinned aswell. But yours will stay there, Unless you Ask me to take it off.
    Once you wish it off, Dont Reply in here. PM Me or Callum.
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