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    Flamers Corner Rules.



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    Flamers Corner Rules.

    Post  Requiem on Sun May 24, 2009 10:34 pm

    I Got The Idea of Adding This From AruaROSE Online
    Here in the Flamers Corner we can Dis people and Things that you dont like, and stuff like that. But if it gets out of hand. I will have to bann the people who say it.
    Anything Sexual and all that will be removed, because it will Break Forum Rules. And i will have to Remove you.
    Getting To Caried Away will Lead to Suspension and Things like that.
    We want it to stay so we dont Completely Crush peoples Feelings, but where we can Still Say things about people we dont like.
    We dont want you to start a post about Some Random Person.
    it should be about someone that EVERYONE has problems with, so people can Agree.
    If people help Fend against that person, and help them. Dont start a Flame on them aswell, They are just doing what they beleive is right. The Flamers are just doing something Amusing.

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