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    Knight Guide


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    Knight Guide

    Post  phil00 on Sun May 24, 2009 11:01 pm

    This guide is also from ruff-rose credits to clubberisbombs.


    Guide by Bombs

    Some basic info about knights:

    * A Knight is a defensive soldier. They use a one handed weapon to inflict damage and a shield for extra defence. They are the "tank" of the party.
    * They have the most defence out of all classes due to their shield and heavy armour.
    * A Knight uses a one handed weapon. They can choose from either a sword or blunt weapon (hammer). The most prefered weapon being the blunt weapon, due to its much higher attack power.
    * A Knight also has very powerful area of effect (AoE) skills, which are an assest in most common high level parties.

    Str : Sen : Con


    * high defence
    * high magic defence
    * high hp
    * strong and numerous AoE's
    * decent attack power


    * low dodge rate
    * slow moving speed
    * slow attack speed
    * average 1v1 skill damage


    Right click a skill to see more information about a skill, like requirements and other information.


    1st - focus on maxing Weapon Mastery. this is where u will get most of your attack power.

    2nd - alternate between Armour Mastery and Harden Body until both are maxed.

    3rd - max Endure.

    4th - max Leap Attack.

    Save all skill points after this point.

    AFTER LVL 70 (2nd job change to Knight)

    1st - max One Hand Mastery.

    2nd - alternate between Armour Mastery and Harden Body until both are maxed.

    3rd - max Endure.

    4th - This is where you can change your skill build around, here are some recommended directions:

    * focus on maxing your AoE skills, Impact Wave (Leap Attack is the pre-skill) and Holy Blood (Blood Attack is the pre-skill). (recommended for AoE Knight.)
    * focus on maxing your 1v1 skills, Triple Attack (Double Attack is the pre-skill), Lightning Crasher (Heavy Attack is the pre-skill). (recommended for 1v1 Knight.)
    * focus on the Mental Mastery skills line. (not recommended unless mixed with another skill line. ie. with 1v1 to make a PvP Knight.)

    For a PvP knight, make a mix of both your 1v1 skills and your Mental Mastery skills. Divine Force is always nice when mixed with Lightning Crasher and Triple Attack.

    Once you have chosen your path and maxed the required skills, u should be familiar enough as a Knight to have enough of an idea on which skills to go for after maxing your skill direction u went with above.


    Each stats effects:

    Strength (STR)
    - Increase Maximum HP
    - Increase Carrying Weight
    - Increase Physical Defense
    - Increase Melee Weapon Damage
    - Increase Ranged Weapon Damage

    Dexterity (DEX)
    - Increase Dodge Rate
    - Increase Movement Speed
    - Increase Bow and Katar
    - Increase Other Melee Weapon Damage
    - Increase Gun Damage

    Intelligence (INT)
    - Increase Maximum MP
    - Increase Magic Defense
    - Increase Magic Attack Damage

    Concentration (CON)
    - Increase HP/MP Regeneration Rate
    - Increase All Attack Accuracy
    - Increase Gun/Launcher Attack Damage
    - Increase Crafting Success Rate

    Charisma (CHA)
    - Increase Quest Reward Bonus
    - Increase Level of Refinement of droped Items

    Sensibility (SEN)
    - Increase Critical Hit Rate (Need around 200 - 230 SEN to have 95 - 99% Critical Rate.)
    - Increase Skill Damage (Benefits Triple Shot greatly)
    - Increase Quality of Crafted Items

    i recommend using a Blunt Weapon (Hammer) as your main weapon, so stats are as follows:

    roughly use a 2:1:1 (str:sen:con) ratio, until your con is 17x - 18x. Then focus on sen and str. max your strength as soon as possible.


    con - add this as you need it, keep an eye on how often you hit yellow / orange monsters. i would get it to about 17x - 18x max.
    sen - keep this at around the same as your level. (remember that this is your skill damage.)
    str - this is your main stat, add most of your points here. you want to max this as soon as possible.


    5/20 is your most saught after stat, but this is also the most expensive of all the stats. If you cant afford any 5/20 gear, the following are your alternate options:

    3/15 - this stat is good if you wish to be more damage focused, its a decent stat for both PvE and PvP.

    7/7 or STR 5+ - this stat is good if u wish to be well rounded between defence and attack power.

    x/15 - this would be your last alternative. its only useful for the extra attack power.


    i recommend using Rubys as your gem. focus on making a full R7 set.

    R7's add attack power, defence and hp, all which are greatly needed for an effective Knight.

    Emeralds have been used lately in PvP to raise your sen, which in return raises your Triple Attack damage and Critical.


    Level Range : Location

    1 - 8 : Adventure Plains
    9 - 15 : Valley of Luxem Tower
    15 - 19 : City of Zant
    17 - 26 : Hill of Wind
    24 - 34 : El Verloon Desert
    30 - 40 : Lake of Anima
    40 - 55 : Forest of Wisdom
    45 - 65 : Mt. Eruca (Fast Leveling)
    56 - 70 : Kenji Beach
    68 - 80 : Gorge of Silence
    70 - 85 : City of Eucar (Slags)
    80 - 95 : Goblin Cave 3
    80 - 95 : Mana Snowfields
    90 - 105 : Arumic Valley
    100 - 120 : Crystal Snowfields
    115 - 125 : Freezing Plateau (Elder Mammoths)
    115 - 130 : Temple 3
    125 - 140 : Freezing Plateau (Behemoth Kings)
    130 - 155 : Xita Refuge (Sikuku Village)
    155 - 165 : Shady Jungle
    160 - 175 : Forest of Wandering
    175 - 205 : Marsh of Ghosts
    175 - 210 : Underground Prison (Charming is fastest means of leveling here)

    PLACES TO FARM (DROPS) (a basic guide on the best/ most known places to farm as a knight.)

    A decent knowledge of the maps and a Cleric friend may be needed to farm some of these places. it is also wise to stop farming the map once most of the monsters have turned green (green name) to u, as they will most likely not drop decent amounts of items.

    Goblin Caves - just north of the starting spawn in adventure plains. there are 3 lvls in this place:
    B1 - this is for lvl 45+. the mosnters will drop mostly refines here, usually low essence and essence.
    B2 - this is for lvl 60+. the monsters will once again drop mostly refines, but the refines will be of higher quality. anything from essence to high ether will drop here.
    B3 - this is for lvl 75+. refines will again drop in here, along with som decent items from the Master Goblins or Grand Master Goblins.

    Gorge Of Silence - for lvl 70+. farm Grandmaster Golem, Master Stone Golem and Worm Dragon. Grandmaster Golem's and Master Stone Golem's drop decent weapons, hearts and grade 1 gems. the main reason u will be farming in gorge is for the Worm Dragon, it will drop Dragon Scales which will make u millions or u can use them to make Worm Dragon Wings. so farm the shit outa them. U can also get Devil Wings fron the Worm Dragon, they are also worth farming for.

    Desert of the Dead - (PVP AREA!!!) for lvl 95 - 115. most monsters here drops a hell of a lot of refines and lisents of useful value. be warned this is an open pvp area that any lvl character can access. so dont be surprised if u get killed by a lvl 18x+.

    Luna Temple (PVP AREA!!!) - there are 3 lvls of temple, T1, T2 and T3. i do not recorment farming T1 or T2 due to the fact u dont recieve much from them and lvling becomes slow. refines, chemicals and decent items drop within the Luna Temple. to enter any lvl of the Luna Temple, u must acquire a quest. to do so u must have 5 Ice Key Shards and u must talk to Ishtal in the Magic City of the Eucar (bottom right corner of the town area). Temple is found inside Teleporter 6. T3 - do not enter unless u are lvl 125, this is the perfect lvl to farm T3, most monsters will be yellow or orange at this lvl. be careful here, a lot of player killing occurs, so watch your map at all times. Once u get lvl 131 u WILL NOT be allowed back into T3 again, so lvl 130 is the last lvl u can farm this area.

    Teleporter 6 - lvl 114+. Vulcan's (leaders also) and Wintermaul's (leaders also) can be found here. they will drop hearts, grade 1 rubies and grade 1 saphires (this is the first place u can afficiently farm for your saphires for your gem set).

    Teleporter 7 - lvl 118+. this is where u will lvl up very very fast, against Elder Mammoths and Dreadnaught Kings. Dreadnaught Kings will drop grade 1 gems, including topaz and peridots (can be used for your gem set if u wish). U will be farming here mainly for Behemoth Kings, which are found in the top right and top left areas of the map. They will drop the last Blue named items in the game, 12x weapons. these can be sold for a decent amount of money, so thye are worth farming. you WILL need to be lvl 130+ to farm here.

    Luna Clan Fields (PVP AREA)!!! - this place is basically the same as Luna Temple but is for lvl 140+, same monsters and drops. Except, u will now notice a new monster, Astarot and Astarot King. Astarot IS NOT worth farming as he does not drop anything of use or value. Astarot King on the other hand drops grade 1 gems, grade 1 uniques and best of all, Astarot Wings (best wings ingame). u WILL need to be lvl 140+ to farm Astarot King effectively.

    Xita Refuge - lvl 145+. u will farm King Hook and Pincers here for grade 3 gems.

    Forest Of Wandering - lvl 155+. this is by far one of the best places to farm. u will make millions here selling your hearts and gems. lvl 145, 155 and 165 armours drop here, grade 2 - 3 gems, hearts and many many more useful and valuable things can be found here. pretty much every monster here will drop something half decent, so search around and farm the monster which u make the most money from (changes depending on economy). This is where u will be getting most of the stuff needed to make your S7 set, if u havent already done so. u will get saphires and blue hearts here. blue hearts drop in the truck load.

    Marsh Of Ghosts - lvl 175+. this is the new T3. all your refines and lisents will drop here at a much faster rate then T3. try to find an "AOE" party and u will get tons of refines. lisents and R2's. go deeper into MoG and u will find Moss Golem. Moss Golem drops grade 3 uniques, sikuku costumes (gay as -.-) and other items. Moss Golem spawns every hour, so get your timing right. Level 175 - 185 armour drops here for all classes.

    Prison / Underground (WELCOME HOME)- lvl 180+. this will be your new home, for both lvling and farming. u will get here are Grade 2 gems (which should make u very happy cause R2's drop in a truck load) and Red Hearts (also making u happy). level 200 armours drop here also. When farming here, most people usually join the main group / party in Room 1 for leveling purposes. Grab a party and head off to Room 3 if your looking to farm.


    - if u decide to go pvp, do not focus everything into your atk pwr. remember u can only do a certain amount of dmg in 1 hit (45% of targets hp). focus more on your defence, hp and crit. these are much more beneficial in the long run seen as how u will hit for max dmg with skills most of the time (all the time when fully buffed).

    - refine your weapon up, this will help u with your atk power for PvE. higher atk power will mean u can hit higher lvl monsters for max dmg = dieing faster.

    - clerics are your friends.

    - help someone out and they will most likely help u out.

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    Re: Knight Guide

    Post  xCallum on Mon May 25, 2009 8:35 am

    Nice Guide. You just get them From Ruff?
    Well, after awhile of being here. I Hope that people start to make Guides of their own. ^_^
    So then we can have something for people to take Credit from here.

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    Re: Knight Guide

    Post  phil00 on Mon May 25, 2009 9:18 am

    Yeah took them from Ruff but I gave the creator credits. When the server is up I'm gonna make a new guide based on my experience through this server.

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    Re: Knight Guide

    Post  xCallum on Mon May 25, 2009 1:00 pm

    I Might not make a Guide, OR. I Might just Continue making my Trusted Artisans List.
    Dont know if your going to make one, but in the Long run i know the List will get Quite a few people ^_^

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    Re: Knight Guide

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