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    How To Donate



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    How To Donate

    Post  Raskae on Mon May 25, 2009 11:15 pm

    To donate, you must follow the link to the PayPal we have set up. use your or your parents credit card (ONLY if your parents say yes Razz) and donate.

    Until PayPal is created, checks will be accepted at the belwo adress

    Money orders are NOT accepted. they arent safe! dont send them!

    Before you donate, send a PM to BOTH me and Requiem stating what you donated, what you want, ect. liek this...


    Account Name: Superman
    Card Name: Jack Johnson
    Amount Donated: $5
    Items Chosen: Oros Present Mask(9)
    Item Cost: 480 DP

    like that.

    please only donate multiples of $5 USD

    If you cannot afford to donate, don't! we give away donation items in monthly events and on holidays, and eventually we will figure out how to make it so voting gets you donation points.

    $1 USD = 100 Donation Points (DP)
    $10 USD = 1200 Donation Points (Extra 200 Points Free)

    so every $5 USD you donate, you get 500 DP
    for every $10 USD you donate, you get 1200 DP

    again, please only send multiples of $5 USD. and for lack of confusion and to save me a trip to Currency Exchange, only send USD. (U.S.A currency, dollars)

    ALL donations go to me so i can buy a new computer for a dedicated server. once we get around $800 USD i can buy a new computer with 16g of RAM, which can keep about 500+ people online. and by then we will get a lot of donations, and at $1200 USD i can buy a 32g RAM which can hold well over 1000 connections. no donation money is for personal profit. all money goes to the server! any excess money will be saved in a short term savings acount, and used to purchase a new monitor, extra sticks of RAM, new video cards, new fans ect. (better fan means no once-a-week restarts Razz)

    Feel free to donate, or not! if you don't want to, we are under no circumstances pressuring or even asking you to donate. basically the more poeple donate, the better the server.

    Enjoy the server :]

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    Re: How To Donate

    Post  xCallum on Fri May 29, 2009 12:24 pm

    After we get this Done and all that, Send some of the Donations over to Requiem, Only a little bit.
    I was talking to him and we dont really wanna use our Money YET for this, but we will be helping to do it aswell.
    Some money will go towards the forums here, to get a Custom Domain Name, Such as..
    Or something like that.

    EDIT: Get PayPal to work First. Noone will donate through Checks. It would be pointless. Because like, They can easily say they sent it, Get the Donation Points, and Bam, Nothing.

    OR. You Dont get the Check, they dont get the points after. Something in Mailing can happen.
    Plus, we have people sending it over Ocean then, And thats no Fun.

    So Checking and Mailing will make it Hard for people to Donate. Paypal is like, click and donate. ^_^

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