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    My GM application.



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    My GM application.

    Post  Metaru on Tue May 26, 2009 4:09 pm

    Name: Hampus
    Age: 18 6/6
    Location / Time Zone: Sweden GMT+1
    IGN/Forum Name: Metaru
    Do You Have iRose GM Experience: I have been GM on shinROSE, Avatar-irose, MysticROSE.
    GM Experience: Well i have made own servers and host for friends and such, so have been doing this for about 2 years or so.
    How Long Have You Been With Grace Rose: First day dident know about it.
    Other Servers You Played: Ruff-rose, 7H, shinROSE, MysticROSE, Avatar-irose, AruaROSE, RaknuROSE, RestlessROSE, Rose Online Evo, Speed-ROSE.
    Other Servers you GM'ed: Same as above, shinROSE, Avatar-irose, MysticROSE.
    3 GM Commands [ Not /item ]: /Move Charname (Teleport to a person) /mm, (Teleport to a specific map location), /na (Announce)
    What you Will Do As GM: Well i will try to make the game as fun as possible for players, will help the players who needs help, and i am really active. About 4-6 hour each day.


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