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    How To Aquire Legend Lv 200 Weapons



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    How To Aquire Legend Lv 200 Weapons

    Post  Raskae on Wed May 27, 2009 7:48 pm

    In order to get a Legend lv 200 weapon, you must trade me the normal lv 200 weapon +5


    if you want Legend Skull Breaker,

    you need to give me

    Skull Breaker(5)

    make sense?

    now remember, if u have a Skull Breaker, and you win an event, one of the prizes is a GM will raise the refine level by (1) each time

    so if you get it to (3) which is pretty easy, then win two events, now you have a Skull Breaker(5) and you may trade it to me, Requiem or a GM for a Legend Skull Breaker. all Legend weapons come SLOTTED but not refined.

    *if you had a Gem in the skull breaker(5), we will put that same gem in the Legend Skull Breaker*

    Remember (this is to GM's)

    only give them the Legend item if they first give you that item +5.

    the Legend weapons IS SLOTTED! but is NOT refined!

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    Re: How To Aquire Legend Lv 200 Weapons

    Post  xCallum on Fri May 29, 2009 1:31 pm

    Uhm. Refines can Easily Refine it. Thats why Lisents wil be added. ^_^
    Why dont we just get them to farm level 210 Weapons. Because then the Prices will be Great, people will make money and Everything.

    First thing ill do is try to farm myself one of those ^_^
    Like.. Legend Zephyr Falcon. THAT would be A lot to sell for. that could get me enough Money to max out my Cleric. or Anything i wish.
    Farming for the 210 Weapons would mean.. Money. ^_^

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