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    All Clan War Information.



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    All Clan War Information.

    Post  Requiem on Thu May 28, 2009 5:23 pm

    If we are Organizing a Clean Clan War, to see which Clan is Truely Better, You will post it here and we will have GM's Ref the Match. If its a Fun clan war, go at it yourself, we dont want to have to many Threads that we have to watch if its going to be for fun.

    We will be placing Rules about clan wars soon enough Once the Server opens, and we find some that we will need to be added.

    To Organize a Clan war, Only clan Masters can Organize them, Unless given right by the clan master, a Clan Member can post it up, thats IT. Any Clan wars started without it being Clan Master, that clan will be Disqualified once we figure out. IF It Leads to to much of a Trouble, and the Clan argues with the powers of the GM. Action will be taken, We will ban the Clan from entering Clan wars for a Certain amount of time, and if they keep argueing, we will be forced to take Serious action on the clan if they lead us to do so, Immediate Actions will take place in Lowering clan Grade, and Lowering clan points, Restarting the clan Level and Clan points, Removing the clan from the System. Those are ONLY if Raskae Allows it, and if members FORCE the admins to do it, by even trying to Fight the GM's after a Big arguement.

    If we say that something went wrong, its okay to argue with us, and we will figure it out, but once we end it, and we say its over. The Members of the clan will be asked to stop fighting, and maybe Restart the fight if the clan Master allows it on BOTH Sides.

    If not that clan will be disqualifed, and the opposite clan will not be crowned Winner.

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