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    My Input on the Forums.


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    My Input on the Forums.

    Post  xCallum on Thu May 28, 2009 11:00 pm

    My Input on the Forums are Simple, the Forums are Great for not even having the Server open yet, we just need to get more members, and have the Server open. Once that happens. we will be Seeing a big Improvement in Numbers, Players, Forum Posts, Everything will Change once it opens. ^_^
    I'll Help as much as i can with keeping people up to date with the Forums and everything, and Requiem will help me with posts and all that, So if any of my posts are not to your Liking Raskae, Please Delete them, I Will try to remake them, and Make sure that they follow rules and stuff.

    Once the Server opens ill be spending alot of time with Shops, Crafting, Leveling, Farming and all that, So ill have little time on Forums at the start, but ill still help with them. Once i get my Artisan and Cleric up, ill start to be here alot, and being in Game at the same time.

    Off Topic - PM Me on Forums, or add me In Game if you need any help with Crafting, or even making a Artisan.
    I Will be Selling Gems once i get alot made, ill be making Gems for people who bring me all the Materials, All clan members will get help with items once we start, I Will help with it all.
    Thank you.

    - Callum.

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