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    My shot to being a GM.


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    My shot to being a GM.

    Post  phil00 on Sun May 24, 2009 7:51 pm

    Since I need to move my app here it is...

    Name: Phillip

    Age: 14

    Location / Time Zone: Philippines +8

    IGN/Forum Name: My IGN will be "phil00" when the server is open and my forum name is "phil00"

    Do You Have iRose GM Experience: Yes I do, I have been a GM in my friends private server for 3 months till It closed down. Then I opened my own osIrose server for my friends which was open for 2 months. After that I tried out Arcturus which was more complicated.

    GM Experience: GM in my friends server BaRose and GM in my own server CrazeRose.

    How Long Have You Been With Grace Rose: I have been with grace rose for 1 month already.

    Other Servers You Played: Ruff-Rose, Arua Rose, Inferno Rose, ShinRose, and IrosePH

    Other Servers you GM'ed: Like what I said above BaRose my friends server and my own CrazeRose these server are both iRose

    3 GM Commands [ Not /item ]: /ban [playername] , /mute [charname] [time] , /teletome [charname] and I know a lot more.

    What you Will Do As GM: If I was picked as a GM I will help players know more about the game. I will also help people with their problems ingame and on the forums. I am also a very kind and easy to approach person. I can also help a little with developing the server because I have some custom content for my friends server and mine.

    This is it
    ~Hope I get picked...

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