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    xGerdi's GM Application


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    xGerdi's GM Application

    Post  xGerdi on Sun May 31, 2009 3:32 am

    Name: Matic [Pretty weird yea.]

    Age: I'm 19 years old. Soon to be 20.

    Location / Time Zone: I'm from Slovenia, GMT+1.
    IGN/Forum Name: IGN is about to be xGerdi, forum name also.

    Do You Have iRose GM Experience: Yes.

    GM Experience: I've been GM on 2 other iRose servers and my own.

    How Long Have You Been With Grace Rose: About 2 months on Evo, before rates changed.

    Other Servers You Played:
    iRose original,
    Ruff Rose,
    Pimpin, etc.

    Other Servers you GM'ed:
    My own - Rasta Rose - iRose
    On my school mate's - iRose [Here we were pretty good =)]
    And i think it was 1 evo rose.

    3 GM Commands [ Not /item ]:
    /teletome [name]
    /kick [name]
    /ban [name]
    /killinrange [radius]
    /exp [amount] [name]
    ... (I know much more of them, those are just the ones i remember right now.)

    What you Will Do As GM: I will help newbies and everyone in the server, because i know a lot about iRose (much more than Evo). I will also be there to host events when needed. I think i would really help server. jocolor

    Thats about it. If you're interested in anything else, just ask Very Happy.

    Greetings, xGerdi.[strike][b]

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