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    Big Change.



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    Big Change.

    Post  Requiem on Sun May 31, 2009 2:58 pm

    The Name stats a Big Change.
    Yes, that is true.

    What we are Changing:
    We have Moved to a Different Forum.
    []iPlay Rose[/url]

    it Says iPlay Rose. Yes, I Know. Raskae probably doesnt want this. But the name Fortune Rose, I Asked about 50% of the Population of the server and they all said Change it. So why now iPlay Rose. its Basically a Sentence, And people know you play Rose ^_^

    So Please Change over to those Forums, These will not be Deleted, but they will No Longer be Used. I Know its bad to do all this without Raskae's Approval, And im Sorry Raskae. But Still. We have Alot more Offered to us at Invisionfree. All the Bigger Servers use it.

    Thank You.


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