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    Announcement: New Forum Moderator.



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    Announcement: New Forum Moderator.

    Post  Requiem on Sun May 24, 2009 7:55 pm

    I Would Like to Welcome the new iRose Forum Moderator.
    I Did Not give him the Spot because he is a Good Friend in Real life. I Gave him this spot because he has Helped me through Alot of Problems on Forums on different Servers, if he can help me, i think maybe he can help all of you.

    His Forum Name:

    His name in Real Life is Callum aswell, So yeah, it wont be hard to remember that for people who actually Remember names.

    When the Server is up you will beable to find him in Game as
    LaughOutLoud - Artisan
    Onyx - Cleric
    Callum - His Scout, Knight, Raider, Whatever he Chooses his Attacker to be.

    Since Callum is the new Forum Moderator, He has the Right to Warn members through PM's. He Can get me to Email Certain Members warnings. or Even get me to Ban people if i see that they Deserve to be Banned.

    Welcome Callum, and Good Luck.

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