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    Update To Sever Release



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    Update To Sever Release

    Post  Raskae on Wed May 27, 2009 12:20 am

    Hey guys. im pushig back the opening date to friday night sometime. so basically saturday morning it will be open and sunday mornig will be to official laucnh.

    what iw ant to know is should we add stuff then do the launch monday or tuesday, or do the launch sunday and add things later?

    things include new wings and armor. weapons will not be added for normal players


    okay the server will hopefully be up tonight!

    the thing i'm debatign with Rewuiem is not adding any new weapons or armors. were adding 2 sheilds a bunch of wings, and later some jewelry and masks.

    sorry Razz


    ok thast the plane xcept now we are adding Legend lvl 200 weapons (Legend Skull Breaker, Legend Zephyr Falcon) ect. the will be lvl 210 or 215 not sure which yet. and each wapon will have 100 more attack power than the nromal one

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