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    Welcome To Genocide


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    Welcome To Genocide

    Post  xCallum on Fri May 29, 2009 3:30 pm

    I Would like to Welcome all Members who i have Accepted into Genocide.
    You have all Earned a spot here in the clan, and i hope you all Have fun here with us. We are hopeing that everyone Reaches the Max level in the clan, or atleast 200+. And hoping we can get the Clan Grade up to Grade 5.

    I Will be hosting a Clan Event.
    I Will be Giving a Grade 7 Gem, to the First Member of the clan that Reaches level 200, That is NOT Me. it will Either be a Grade 7 Gem, OR 150m Zuly.
    The Prize will be Given By Me, not by a GM. So if you win the Event, and you are the First level 200 of the clan, Do not go to a GM or an Admin to get your Prize. If you want to tell a GM or Admin you won the Event. Tell Requiem that you have Won. Requiem will then Contact me and make sure i get in Game to give you Your item.
    This is so that we can get atleast one Grade 7 Gem out into the clan.
    You will get your Grade 7 Gem, even if its the only Grade 7 Gem i have made at the time. I Want to make sure my Clan progresses, Even better than I Progress. I Wish for Genocide to Reach the top of the Clans.

    HOWEVER, if you Do Not want to be part of this Event, Just Reply in here. If you Dont Reply to this. You will be Part of the clan.


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