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    Gm application


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    Gm application

    Post  JeanmichelCAFARD on Mon May 25, 2009 3:14 pm

    Hello everyone Smile

    My name is Terry
    I am studying economics at the Sorbonne Uni of Paris.

    Location / Time Zone: Paris,FRANCE GMT+1

    IGN/Forum Name: JeanmichelCAFARD

    More infos about me:
    ( Thats my RuffRose profile page )

    Do You Have iRose GM Experience: Owning my own private server since 1 year in order to try new builds, new charm etc... I think i got a good knowlege of gm commands ( it's not so hard anyway :p )

    GM Experience: Own private server experience for 1 year.

    Other Servers You Played:
    - RuffRose

    I like to play pro and thats what i did in Ruffrose + my test server. Consequently i learned many things about the game system, i'm the one who found out the charm secret on Ruffrose around 8 months ago( not a secret anymore since everyone knows now :s )
    Moreover i know every map, every mob, i know what they do drop and what's the best lvl or weapon to kill them. Farmed some uniques too, i know how to make spawn the special lich king of oro, how works spawning of the mobs generally speaking etc...

    - 7Hearts
    Little Chars, didn't like the serv much

    - AruaRose
    Same here, little chars ( 120 bourg and 70 cleric )
    I used to lvl them a bit a year ago when ruff was down some hours.

    - DappRose
    GM there

    - Official Rose Evo
    I tried because i'm curious :p but i noticed that i don't like Evo.

    Other Servers you GM'ed: Grace Rose (1 day only woot). Tindrick Rose. Prince ROse. Radiance Rose. (iROSE and Evo server that i have been a GM)

    3 GM Commands [ Not /item ]:

    1/mon ID COUNT
    - Spawn COUNT monsters of type ID
    ( Ex: /mon 396 100 for 100 astarot kings ^^)
    =>[Monster ID] [Quantity]

    2/Set int 200 or dex 200 etc

    3/exp 10000
    => Gives 10000 exp ... :p

    /npc 12 or whatever => spawns an npc

    What you Will Do As GM:
    First of all, in my opinion a good gm has to be ACTIVE and easy to call or pm ( msn for exemple ).

    I'm online at Msn like 95% of the time and of course i would be really active because i wouldn't be applying here if i was willing to be inactive :p

    I would be even able to bring a good population on the server since i'm well known in RuffRose and got many friends there who are be ready to follow me in case i'm doing part of the staff here.

    Knowing really well the game and having many ideas of events, droprates, droptables etc
    I would be able to help you staff members getting a nice communauty proud of his staff BUT most of all i think we all play Rose in order to have fun and that would be the main word for me
    => HAVING FUN with the communauty:)

    My msn is :

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